Negombo, located by the shores of a lagoon along the western coast of the Island was once a key trading port for the Portuguese and the Dutch. Negombo has many things to offer you when you on your holiday. City is 2 meters above sea level and its geography is a mix of land and water. The Dutch canal flows in the heart of the city .The Negombo lagoon is one of the most scenic landmarks of Negombo. The Northern border of the city is formed by the Ma Oya River which meet the Indian Ocean. Negombo features a tropical rainforest climate under the Koppen climate classification.

Portuguese Fort and Dutch Cemetery

Ruins of the old Dutch fort can be seen close to the seafront near the lagoon, which has a fine gateway inscribed with the date 1678 cemetery is near the front gate. However now the fort grounds are occupied by the town prison. Several Old Dutch building is still in use including the lagoon rest house.


Negombo water ski course has 500m length with perfect water condition. Under the amazing tropical climate and water remain warm during the day and this allows to barefoot water ski all day long. There are number of water ski camps which provide efficient training and suffice with every sort of equipment you require for water skiing. Inluk help desk service is always at your service to provide the proper guidance. Apart from the water ski there are many water sports in Negombo you can enjoy throughout your holiday.


Negombo’s tropical climate, warm and calm water permits you to go surfing without any extra protection like the use of wetsuits, hoods, gloves or boots. Entire southern resort area is appropriate for surfing. From the months of May to October will allow fascinating surfing opportunities due to favourable climate for surfing. Wind surfing and kite surfing are most popular water sports in Negombo apart from surfing there are few other water sport activities are available such as Some of the most famous and interesting ones are diving, sailing, scuba diving, snorkelling, deep sea fishing. You can hire gears and boards for surfing and our help desk will provide you all the details relating to the activities.

Boat cruise

In the Muturajawela marsh land a boat cruise or the guided boat tours can be arranged. The marsh land is spread over 7000 hectares and boarders Colombo. Muthurajawela is an eco reserve with many different species of plant and animals. It is also serves as a breeding ground for export quality prawns and shrimps. Inluk’s help desk will help you in arranging these boat cruises and guided tours.

Bird watching

Muthurajawela is one of the perfect places for bird watching in Sri Lanka. The unperturbed natural atmosphere and the serene environment add more to the effect of ecological balance in Negambo the wetland area and the marshlands of there are hundreds of bird varieties in you can watch. All these factors together combine to create a wonderful and suitable habit for a whole range of species of birds.

Some of the interesting bird species you can watch are Oreal, Kingfisher, Purple heron, Egrets, Moorhen, Purple Coot, Caucal, Grebe and Shikra. Further you can watch the migrated birds from the colder region. Other rare species feature are Brahmin Kite and Serpent eagle.

Religious buildings

Negombo sometimes known as ‘Little Rome’ and the city dotted with number of churches. The fading pink chamber of St Mary’s Church, in the town centre, has some thunderous ceiling paintings covering the nave. Angurukaramulla temple with east of town with the 6m long re ceiling Buddha is also worth seeing. The island of Duwa , joined to Negombo by the lagoon bridge, is famed for its Easter passion play.